New Album "Under the Flag" out now!

Our new album „Under The Flag“ is now available through Defying Danger Records. You could also buy it as bundle with a T-Shirt, Girlie or our first album „Grinding Black Zero" (Digipack plus 2 Bonus Tracks). Check out their Website or write us an E-Mail.



First track from "Under The Flag"

After 5 long years and a lot of creative output the new album from NECROMORPH „Under The Flag“ casts its glow! 15 new tracks of Tøtäl Necrö Infection awaits you on may 5th.
The pre-order starts now with 10% discount. But that's not all, to convince you, the band is publishing one track WORKUTA of their new masterpiece. ORDER HERE: -> NECROMORPH - Under The Flag

After 5 long years and a lot of creative output the new album from NECROMORPH „Under The Flag“ casts its glow! 15 new tracks of Tøtäl Necrö Infection awaits you on may 5th. 

The new Necromorph album is coming!

Good news! We signed a deal with Defying Danger Records to release our new album on CD! It's called  "Under the Flag" and it features 15 new grinding Tracks. An exact release date will be revealed shortly.

This and that - a short Update …

We are very sad about having lost FDA Rekotz as our label quite recently. And still, there is no reason to worry. Right now we are working on a new deal and after all it sounds very promising. By the way, the release of our first album after changing the label is planed for spring 2016. Right now the mastering is about to be finished. We are really looking forward to share the results with you.

New album in progress

Oh yeah - we're almost there!
After a long way from the idea to creation from recording to recording and recording again we are almost at the end of the line. Finally 14 hard crushing and fast grooving songs are now up to be mixed and mastered. The release of our new album lies just some fine tuning away.


Last shows this year

Hey grinders, these shows will be the last for this year. Christmas after-mosh on the 27th of Dec. in Berlin (Potse) along with Deathtopia from Japan and Ekranoplan from Jena. Next day we come to grind Wermelskirchen (AJZ Bahndamm) with Deathtopia and Kadaverficker. Looking forward to these both gigs!


Bad News

Necromorph has to cancel todays gig in the Tommy Haus!
Because of personal reasons we have to decline our appearance at the Satanic Impulse Birthday Bash in the Tommy Haus today. Be assured, we are very disappointed to make this announcement. We were so looking forward to drop some raging grindcore bombs on this special night. Anyway, we wish all a lots of fun with the other bands.

New Gig!

The next Necromorph show will be in Berlin on the 19th of September @ Tommyhaus. It's called the "Satanic Impulse Birthday Bash" and we'll share the stage with Eques, Hermann, Schuttrutsche and Dr. Ullrich Undeutsch. Looking forward to this!



We proudly announce that the last "GRINDING BLACK ZERO" CD has been sold. But for all who didn’t get one, don’t worry, there are still some Vinyl left. So do your beloved turntables a favor and quickly get one of these rare masterpieces before it’s too late to feed them with bone crushing grindcore!

Anyway, to all our supporters a big thanks and be assured that there is a NEW NECROMORPH ALBUM coming soon. We already got 13 bombs waiting for delivery. Watch out!


May 18th – 20th,
Grind the Nazi Scum Festival 2017
Torgau Brückenkopf

October 01st
Berlin Pedal Battle

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